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Not since 2014's masterful "The Body Electric" by Hurray for the Riff Raff have I heard a song that so powerfully puts into words the fear of violence that men can inflict, and the rage at feeling powerless about it. The way her voice cracks when she belts out "every" at 4:06 gives me chills every time.


Podcast Interview

This week the grils talk to Rachael Cardiello about her projects ZINNIA and TIDAL MOUTH (with Daccia Bloomfield), grief, loss and love. Light your candles and join us for some deep Night Grilith.

Grillith Fair


“Lupins” goes beyond superb and enters the realm of glorious, while the gorgeous voice of Zinnia mesmerizes.


‘Lupins‘ is a heartfelt and stirring musing. The bewitching combination of glistening synths, poetic guitars, romantic orchestration and Cardiello‘s gripping and delicate voice is so dreamlike and relieving.

Turn up the Volume

The one that bears the name of a flower and names its single after another only makes us want one thing: turn the page of the past, rely on our roots and rise very high to hatch.
Spring is already here with ZINNIA.


The Toronto artist has an absolutely gorgeous voice with an arresting quality that instantly brings you in to the moment and stops the world from spinning around you.

Listen with monger

What a churning, brooding, and artful storm of colors.

Come here floyd

Lupins burns brighter than a thousand candles.

Diamond deposits

ZINNIA is on our 'ones to watch,' list this year and with good reason. Sharing with us today her new single "Lupins," she brings a bold and unique sound to the table that has our ears perked up and listening.


Fusing modern synth-pop with a distinct soul vibe, Zinnia quickly earned my attention, especially when encountering the delightfully eerie vocals courtesy of Rachael Cardiello. How delightful? How significant? Cast your memory back to that first time you heard Hope Sandoval’s “Fade Into You,” and then check for goosebumps. Yes, now you understand.

Great Dark Wonder

"Lupins" was the gentle walk in a flower fields. "Bullets" was the road trip in a car, wind in the hair, sun in the eyes. "Black Bark, Yellow Leaves", 3rd title of the project of Rachael Cardiello, we still change atmosphere. One imagines pedaling at full speed in an urban landscape, at night, in summer. A perfect mix of synths / drums to listen to urgently.


A smouldering flame that awaits for the moment to truly explode and emerge as something untameable and altogether breathtakingly inspiring, the second track from Toronto artist ZINNIA, is one that even a thousand words could never truly capture the intense beauty of.

Velvet Independent

A lavish indie offering composed of rich synth layers, thumping drum kicks and Cardiello’s soothing vocals, ‘Bullets’ is an uplifting recording that warm to the soul.


I find that it is rare for a song to haunt you for days on end. But after just one listen, Zinnia‘s new single ‘Bullets‘ was stuck with me, its beauty, power and pain ringing in my ears without mercy.

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Turn Up The Volume fell in love with ZINNIA, the Toronto-based art pop project of
Rachael Cardiello, on hearing her previous stirring musing LUPINS. Now on her new
single BULLETS she displays again her enraptured songwriting skills.

Turn Up the Volume

A crisp driving beat and atmospheric layered synths welcome us into the beauty of Bullets before ZINNIA’s celestial gusting voice takes us to new heights of sonic joy. 

I Heart Moosiq

A powerful piece of dramatic pop magnificence and spine-tingling splendor…

Turn Up the Volume


The captivating second single from ZINNIA is “Bullets”, which immediately caught my attention. I had to find out more from these aspiring musicians. I recently got the chance to speak to singer songwriter Rachael Cardiello from ZINNIA, and this was the result:

Outloud Culture

The moment “Bullets” hit my ears, I knew I was going need more. More information, more music. An explanation. ZINNIA's commanding vocals soar flawlessly above a stunning blend of folk and mellow pop/electronic. For some reason, this song struck a chord with me. I dug a little deeper and learned that the song was written a few years ago in my home state of Montana, adding another layer of depth. 

Music for Lunch

"It feels like a great privilege to be living this artistic life and sharing these spaces. I often think I get the best version of communities through music – open-hearted and generous. It really is a treat to be moving through the world in this way and I’m so thankful for that opportunity." - ZINNIA

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“Five Minutes With” Toronto synth-pop musician ZINNIA

Toronto Guardian

Highly Recommended with ZINNIA